Doubler is a standard play for the brands which focuses on increasing customer engagement, advertising & loyalty while offering an added advantage in terms of Doubler mobile APP.

For retailers , we provide a web based advertising platform wherein they can send their special general offers through banners and festival/events based discounts directly to a large number of customers using Doubler Mobile APP. Retailers can not only target their existing customers but also a new customers who have never purchased of the retailer but opted to voluntarily join the retailer by downloading & registering using our Doubler Mobile APP free of cost. Retailers can also start a Customer Loyalty Program wherein they can create their own branded virtual loyalty cards for their customers and reward their them using professionally developed & easily manageable cloud based reward points system.

Customers using Doubler mobile APP get virtual loyalty card wherein they can select their preferred retailers and keep track of their total reward points, points to expire, offers & personalized gifts.

Mobile Responsive CRM Portal

Easy to deploy & Quick to start
We provide customizable dashboard which gives managers & customer service personnel a quick view of all loyalty program data & allow them to capture actionable customer information.We have designed flexible & configurable reward points program for your customers. You can define offers, gifts, awards that your customers may value more highly.We also provides numerous features and modules which support retailer in launching entire market campaign using our platform .

Customer Mobile App

Explore all under one umbrella
Our highly quick & responsive mobile app enables customers to select their brand retailer, add their membership card & rewards. Customers can keep viewing their favorites retailer reward points, banners, offers & gifts all the time.We remind all our customers in advance so that they can plan their shopping trip .Now customers can travel lighter & we retaining all sort of information about their cards, points, offers & gifts.

Data Analytics Engine

Understanding Customer Emotions
We allow you to discover the power of software analytics. We believe in investigating small but useful data about your customers. Our real time data analytics engine focuses on various permutations & combinations to get to understand & create trends of your customer behavior. E.g. frequency of visits, time of visit, day of visit etc. With this information you to target specific groups of customers with relevant marketing promotions.